Quagga.eth's Domicile

In the poem, yes, there are hints of blockchain technology, debt, and an array of socio-economic topics. And, for those who just might read it, I must leave the impressions unto you; grains spoken and dispersed need to manifest independent of my influence lest too many traces are gathered for my destruction.

I was inspired to independently publish "Whale Feed" (free) by the spirit of the blockchain and its wrangler Satoshi Nakamoto. In Grains of Drift you will find other snippets and poems I have written.

How I got here:

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Using the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), Ethereum Name Service (ENS), and pinata.cloud. Click the icons for links to the sites.

About Me:

I am a used language salesman and gardener of chance. I have an MFA in Poetry. Currently, I'm selling domains, and it makes sense-- I love words.

Take a look at my other site where you can find a blog and links to the latest news and important aspects of Web3:  The Coucal Gazette

-- Quagga.eth